Am I right for you?

My focus areas for coaching are not only Engineers and Scientists who have become leaders of teams due to their high levels of individual performance, but also Veterans transitioning to private sector leadership roles.

I’m a 20-year Air Force Veteran who started at the bottom and through perseverance, wit, and being surrounded by a lot of good people was able to work my way up to retire as a Lt Col.  Like many Military Vets, being accepted into the private sector took time and a lot of work. Thanks to a couple lucky breaks and perseverance, I now work in a prominent financial institution. You might be thinking, “so what”?  If you are, I agree. We all know work and work accomplishments don’t make the person.  However, my experiences and exposure to diverse, global, and sometimes hostile environments has proven there are no gimmicks, or quick fixes. The fact is, everything you will ever need is already inside you.  If you are looking for a coach and partner to guide you on your journey to unlock the greatness within you, then you are in the right place!

My approach to life and greatness has always set me apart from the pack.

I believe life is a gift, greatness is earned, and everyone has ups and downs.  Too often we sit back and let life happen to us, from our promotions, to our pay raises, to the positions we want.  Fundamentally, working with me will move you from a passive participant in your career to someone who takes action and goes after what they want.

I have been sought after my entire career to fix organizations and coach leaders due to my own performance levels as well as my ability to bring about real, lasting change in people. I believe in general; people are amazing and the most rewarding and memorable moments I have had in my career are the ones where I got to be a part of people having that “aha!” moment. Together we can accomplish anything!

Get to know me

Now that the required professional information is over, let me pull back the curtain and show you who I am personally.

I used to think my career was my everything and what defined me.

I am a proud Dad of 5 kids (4 girls and 1 boy) who was lucky enough to find the wife of his dreams. It wasn’t until 2016 that I realized there was more to life than job titles. The real legacy I would leave behind was my family. I struggled re-prioritizing my life, but what I found most interesting is as I made family a priority, I didn’t lose anything on the career side.

I was an Ohio State Weightlifting team champion.

This just blows me away, but it's important to me because I wasn’t the strongest person on the team. In fact, I was probably better at telling jokes and hyping the team up than I was at lifting. But it humbled me, and it showed me that you don’t always have to be the top performer to be successful.

My wife can attest to this, when out with friends I can’t let a joke go unsaid.

There is something inside me that can’t let something funny go unsaid. I love making people laugh and if I had the guts, I would love to try standup one day … but I won’t. And a great corny “Dad” joke brings me a lot of joy.

If I could be someone else, I would be Justin Timberlake.

I wish I could sing and perform like JT. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a love of singing but not the voice. Although, it doesn’t stop me from singing in the car to the horror of my daughters … my son loves to laugh at me, so he’s the only one who enjoys it!

I have been a natural leader all my life, but I didn’t know it.

Growing up there wasn’t a broke down car we passed without stopping to ask if they needed help. Time after time I witnessed my Mom and Dad reach out to others to help them. I unknowingly, picked up this habit and applied it across all the things I did. In sports I was always named the captain, but I didn’t understand why and people would always tell me “you’re a natural leader”. To me I was just helping others like I had been taught through my parents’ actions. Who knew that being a good leader was at its core, just helping others.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

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