Why Get a Coach?

Everyone reaches a point where they realize there must be a better way to do things and that the people you bring into your inner-circle is what makes you successful. You might be in a leadership role and sitting at your desk thinking “what should I do now”. Maybe you feel like a fraud and can’t talk to anyone in your company because you don’t want to be found out. It could be you have always been the smartest person in the room and now you are having to lead people and aren’t sure how. Maybe you are a veteran who had enormous success in the military and are now in the private sector, finding yourself thinking “they just don’t get it”. As your Coach I will be that force multiplying member of your inner-circle that will help you tap into your internal greatness, stop just getting by, and  stop just getting by, and and start thriving.

What I offer

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Corporate Team Coaching
  • Membership
Chris Keown Coaching Services

How it Works

For starters, be ready for one of the greatest interpersonal adventures you have ever been on and be ready to be empowered and inspired. Through guided exploration we will uncover your truths, your motivation, and the steps that you will need to take. We will partner together to define the situation, create a clear vision of your goals, break down the barriers holding you back, map your path to success, and then get your greatness. I can’t guarantee it will all be easy, but I can guarantee I am 100% invested in your success and it will all be worth it!

Define the Situation

Together, we will evaluate your true self, your strengths, your overall goals, and your personal needs. Through self-awareness we will evaluate the situations you are in and what your expectations are within those situations. We will also determine the true areas you are most dissatisfied with.

Create a Clear Vision + Break Down Barriers

After setting the stage of your situation we will craft and define the goals that will unlock your greatness and bring you the success you seek. During this time, we will also address any barriers, both internal and external that are impediments to you reaching your goals.

Map Your Path to Success

Through actionable tools, techniques, and accountability we will develop a new empowering perspective and path to unlocking your greatness. As we monitor your progress from week to week our focus will turn to staying the course as we continue to adapt and respond to emerging needs.

Get Your Greatness

You have reached the mountain top, but its harder to stay on top than it is to get to the top. With your greatness unlocked and your goals achieved you will feel confident that any obstacle can be overcome and that all you will need is already inside you. This doesn’t have to be the end of the adventure and often people will keep me in their inner-circle. If that is your choice, we will tailor the coaching to continued and consistent success.


Michael WInter

Michael Winter

Executive, Successful Father and Lead Singer

“So we have all read the books, heard the speakers, or saw the quotes.  Leaders are guided by values.  Leaders have vision.  Leaders inspire others to accomplish the mission.  Leaders put others before themselves.  Leaders take care of people.  Leaders speak truth to power.  But I ask you one simple question:  have you ever met or worked with or for that person?  I’m proud to say I have—his name is Chris Keown.  I have had the honor to serve with some of the greatest men in women our Nation has to offer through our Armed Services.  While many talk of leadership, Chris embodies leadership.  His leadership character transcends missions, specialties, and problem sets.  The irony is that you likely have never heard of him—and that is because he never makes it about him.  He makes it about you.”


John Wallace

Executive, All around success and Philadelphia native

Chris has always been one of the realist people I’ve ever met.

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